Twitter CEO Promotes Bitcoin As Internet’s Currency

Twitter CEO Promotes Bitcoin

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey once again proclaimed that he believes Bitcoin (BTC) will become the home currency of the Internet. Twitter CEO Promotes Bitcoin and made his remarks to the American comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan during an interview.

Dorsey has recorded the multiple benefits of Bitcoin, which could be the sole digital currency of the world in the near future. He asserted that there is a solid need for digital currency, which in turn requires universal Internet acceptance and Bitcoin has the true potential. Dorsey, who is also SQUARE’s CEO, lately allowed users to buy and sell cryptocurrency on their Square Cash app. This affirms that other companies also see Bitcoin’s future.

Such phrases by Twitter CEO are prominent because Twitter has indeed redefined social media and now with Square and its focus on Bitcoin, several of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts will certainly be excited.


Iran was dropped last year by the SWIFT International Banking Payments Network. As a result, the country’s economy only got worse. Therefore, the Iranian government toyed all through 2018 with the concept of its own cryptocurrency called Bittorrent. It became a reality this past week.

The BitTorrent token was sold on the Binance Launchpad in about 15 minutes in both markets. The token has an equity of $990 billion. It only applies to a few exchanges to date, importantly to the Korean version of Binance and Bithumb. It is therefore in exploration mode and the actual price is visible.

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