LinkedIn’s Largest Growing Job Sector Is Blockchain Development

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Under LinkedIn’s 2018 Emerging Job’s Report United States this year, job listings for Blockchain Development engineers created P2P technology and has grown 33 times. Secondly, the role of the machine learning engineer has increased twelve times over the same period, at a considerable distance. 

Today, LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, released its top five new careers in 2018, listing ” Blockchain Developer” as its largest growing job market.

Blockchain Developers Needed In New York

The Application Sales Executive, Machine Learning Specialists and Professional Medical Representative are the other entries for the top five jobs in 2018. The social network also found that New York City, San Francisco and Atlanta are the cities with the highest demand for blockchain developer skills, apart from recording a staggering growth rate year on year.

The distance that blockchain technology has gone is amazing, so Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies emerged from the dark web to attract global masses and the financial industry ‘s attention. No wonder why ” What’s Bitcoin?” was one of this year’s most common issues for Google.

Educational Courses For Blockchain

There is no doubt that the Blockchain profession is this year’ most sought after job. Since more universities are attaining blockchain- related courses, there is a constant increasing demand for blockchain expertise.

Furthermore, even while blockchain developer became the most popular job on LinkedIn at this year, the opposite is true. It is fair to say that employment opportunities for blockchain- related jobs have decreased this year as a consequence of the bear market, as reported by the CCN. Study also said that while blockchain stays one of the better- paid areas of innovation, market has declined for these engineers and specialists.

CCN reported an Indeed spokesperson who said that the influence in blockchain and bitcoin roles had fallen by 3.06 percent, while the interest of the employer in roles related to the kind of terms only increased by 25.49 percent.


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