Hyperledger Sawtooth continues to dominate blockchain news as enterprises anticipate its ability to transform their networks and applications. With so much attention focused on such opportunities, many observers miss the fact that companies also foresee ways the open source blockchain platform will affect the IoT.

About Hyperledger Sawtooth

Corporate blockchain development eyes Hyperledger Sawtooth as the technology needed to keep their ledgers distributed while boosting the security of their smart contracts. Under the auspices of the Linux Foundation, nine distinct projects comprise Sawtooth 1.0.

All the components of Sawtooth complement each other and create a unique database with disruptive features:

– Distributed. Sawtooth securely stores data worldwide, dramatically improving security and survivability.

– B2B focus. Multiple companies can use Sawtooth-enabled databases to simultaneously read and edit data.

– Immutability. At any point in time, databases transaction histories are available and auditable, assuring accuracy.

– Fault tolerance. Data stored using Hyperledger Sawtooth is not disrupted, even if some nodes crash or go offline. This also helps protect databases against malicious attacks.

In addition to the above benefits, Sawtooth also features a style of governance that utilizes “smart contacts” to determine configuration settings. Furthermore, the technology enables simultaneous transactions that speed the creation and validation of blocks.

PoET Consensus

Companies that are involved with blockchain certification training are now emphasizing the “proof of elapsed time” capabilities of Sawtooth. This consensus mechanism promises to outperform all others by making enterprise blockchains as resilient as public ones. As Sawtooth makes this possible, it maintains the degree of scalability and security needed to support IoT applications.

As a matter of fact, the introduction of PoET makes Sawtooth feasible, if not appealing to IoT developers. It supports a large number of endpoints and allows developers to engage in application development without affecting platform development.

Blockchain Investing

Investors should take note of the eye-popping capabilities of Hyperledger Sawtooth, because of its ability to scale to meet demand while staying secure enough to meet the needs of secure contracts and IoT applications. Together with the characteristic accountability and simplicity of blockchain, this new enhancement promises to enhance the profitability of all stakeholders.

In conclusion, consider the news of Hyperledger Sawtooth as just one of the many exciting developments that are making blockchain comfortable in the enterprise. Best of all, the open source availability of the technology makes it available and adaptable to practically any environment and product.


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