Bitcoin Worth More Bitcoin Rise

Bitcoin Price Soars – Here’s Why This Bull Run May See the Highest BTC...

The price of Bitcoin has recently soared above $8,000, the highest it has been since 2017. This recent bull run is grabbing...
Crypto Adopters Information

4 Billion Crypto Adopters Will Outnumber Internet Users Within Years

According to Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, the use of cryptocurrency will exceed that of the internet in a few years. Changpeng Zhao’s prediction estimates that more than 4 billion people will be Crypto Adopters and turn to blockchain in a matter of years.
Cross-Border Payments

Cryptocurrency Prospects Bring Disruption to the Cross-Border Payment Center

In altcoin news, Coinbase, the biggest U.S. Bitcoin exchange, has announced that it has entered the cross-border remittance space. Cross-border payments refer...
Pakistani media outlet

Pakistan’s Central Bank Announces Plans to Develop an E-currency

According to a Pakistani media outlet, the country's central bank has plans to develop a digital currency over the next few years.
Digital Currencies Bitcoin

Global F.O.M.O. Prepares Bitcoin for 40% Surge

You're probably familiar with the acronym FOMO. If not, it's ok - FOMO is a relatively new term to hit the scene of English slang.
Bitcoin Tax Enforcement

Bitcoin Transactions And American Tax Enforcement

Bitcoin and other types of digital currency continue to rise in popularity. Now, there are questions being raised about tax enforcement, especially in regards to how tax treatment guidelines will impact digital currencies.
Power Of Encryption

Singapore Residents Can Now Buy Bitcoin Mining Equipment at Local Mall

Singapore Mall Now Sells Bitcoin Mining Hardware Bitcoin is the world's first cryptocurrency, a digital currency that uses the power of...
Japan Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Bank of Japan: No Big Problems With Bitcoin So Far

Japan, one of the world's most developed countries, has welcomed cryptocurrencies with open arms since the advent of Bitcoin roughly a...
Bitcoin's Monthly High Record

Bitcoin’s Monthly High Could Ignite Major Price Movement

The Potential Outcomes Of The Short Positions For Bitcoin The cryptocurrency news shows short positions for bitcoin. Bitcoin's Monthly...

Stellar (XML) Price Rockets Over Three Day Bull Run

Why Stellar Has Risen More Than 11% in Recent DaysOn March 7, a popular cryptocurrency called Stellar began a rise that would...