Why The Next Bitcoin Bull Run Could Eclipse The Last Crypto Bubble

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Why The Next Bitcoin Bull Run Could Eclipse The Last Crypto Bubble The latest news from the world of crypto is an excellent indicator of the good times to come. Those who are following the price and demand of the king of coins, bitcoin, are on the edges of their seats. Now that Elon Musk has taken his liberty of this coin, the price is in a free fall. It will most certainly not stay that way. The next crypto bull run will be a glorious thing to watch.

Millennials have taken up crypto as an asset class

One of the reasons for the next bull run in this market is its new adoption. A generation that is now coming into control of society, the millennials, are waking up to crypto currency. News is out that approximately half of this latest generation trusts in cryptocurrencies more than they trust in the stock market. A whopping 71 percent of millennials would invest in crypto if it was offered by traditional financial institutions. It is clear that the upcoming doctors, lawyers, welders, and all the rest have taken a serious look at crypto coins.

The lightning network is in full swing

One of the recent things that advanced this coin is the lightning payment network. This put the transaction time of bitcoin on par with the traditional banking system. The lightning network is a system of nodes that approve payments on a second layer of the blockchain. It was started in 2019 and has taken off with acclaim from major online players. One such is Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter.

Online and offline retail stores now accept this crypto coin

Starbucks started to accept the king of coins. It was announced in 2019 that this popular establishment accepts crypto, but not directly. They use a payment processor. Places like Newegg, an electronics parts store do accept crypto directly. Kentucky Fried Chicken has begun to accept crypto. KFC has gone so far as to name one of their products the “Bitcoin Bucket”. The online domain broker Namecheap also accepts crypto for purchases of digital real estate. One very large contribution to the crypto space was Pizza Hut, who started to accept crypto in 2020. Microsoft themselves also accepts cryptocurrency for payments. With a plenitude of business heavyweights coming together for crypto, it is smart to believe that crypto is not just here to stay, but growing in popularity. The majority adoption of crypto seems imminent.

There has been a huge buzz about this coin online

There is more information and more awareness about crypto currency being put online every day. Subreddits have sprung up that are specifically helping those that want to work for crypto. Crypto coin services are springing up online that help businesses get onto the crypto bandwagon. From 2018 until today, search trends show that the king of coins is having an uptick in interest, easily beating out established search terms such as “cancer“.

The halving happened in 2020

Around every four years, there is an event called the halving. This is designed into the king of coins to produce demand. The miners who mine this crypto currency get exactly fifty percent less reward for the same work with each new halving. This is built into the coin by default and is meant to increase the price. Every time a halving has happened in the past, the next 18 months have shown to produce an all-time high in price. As of this writing, we are exactly 12 months into the last halving. As stated, the people who are invested in crypto are more than likely sitting on the edges of their seats waiting to make even bigger fortunes just because of this one point.

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