Bitcoin to the White House

Trump’s New Chief of Staff Brings Bitcoin to the White House

Bitcoin activist, Mick Mulvaney, was selected by US President Donald Trump as the new chief of staff of the White House wants to bring Bitcoin to the White House.
Texas Crypto Fund Movement

Texas Crypto Fund Offering New Scales To Value Bitcoin

A blockchain in which all the coins move within one block has a visibility of 100 percent.
Litecoin Climbing Crypto Ladder

Litecoin Climbing Crypto Ladder

Today, the crypto market has introduced more than $10 billion, as all major crypto holdings, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, have climbed massively. Bitcoin,...
Twitter CEO Promotes Bitcoin

Twitter CEO Promotes Bitcoin As Internet’s Currency

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey once again proclaimed that he believes Bitcoin (BTC) will become the home currency of the Internet. Twitter CEO Promotes...
Creating Bitcoin and its Origins

Creating Bitcoin And It’s Origins

Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and payment system. Creating Bitcoin as the first digital decentralized currency, the system works without a central bank or a...
Bitcoin Benchmark For Gold

Bitcoin Benchmark For Gold

Bitcoin's price forecasts kept the crypto publicity train thriving throughout the 2017 crypto market run, therefore Bitcoin Benchmark For Gold is happening. If it...
Bitcoin Recovery Bitcoin Official

Bitcoin Recovery By End Of 2019

As in 2015, 2019 can be the year of Bitcoin Recovery, even if the commodity shows wild volatility in the next few weeks; ranging...

Facebook Messenger Enables Millions To Trade Cryptocurrency

The recent breakthrough for Lite. IM is an appearance on Facebook Messenger. It was first service to be given access via Telegram, together with...

Bitcoin: Candidate To Replace Gold?

As highlighted by CCN, tech entrepreneur Lou Kerner says that Bitcoin is looking to replace gold as the strongest value supermarket. Today, gold is the...
Bitcoin Worth More Bitcoin Rise

Bitcoin Worth More Than Market Value Says Analysts

The strongest cryptocurrency, which still has a combined market value of more than $64 billion, has shown untamed fluctuations in a broad variety of...