Bitcoin: Candidate To Replace Gold?

As highlighted by CCN, tech entrepreneur Lou Kerner says that Bitcoin is looking to replace gold as the strongest value supermarket. Today, gold is the primary medium of exchange with it’s eight trillion dollar[market]. Bitcoin is about $60 billion, and therefore has the chance to overtake gold as the prevailing reserve currency.

Crypto Larger Than Internet Boom!

Crypto will be a much more mature industry than the Internet, given the current market correction. It might just take seven to twenty years to notice the true effects of crypto on the globe. In previous years, millionaires and billionaires from Silicon Valley have been encouraged to purchase Bitcoin by reassuring them that crypto is the future currency.

The chaos will be greater than the disturbance we have seen from the Internet, but BTC and cryptocurrency will be soaring in 20 years. We truly think that in 20 years, Bitcoin will have generated billions of dollars worth much like the Internet. Many people keep asking why the bitcoin value plummeted from its record high of $19,500 last December, because of uncontrolled globalization it was said that the industry was ahead of itself.

U.S. Dollar Devalued By Bitcoin

As crypto-enthusiasts have said, Bitcoin can replace gold with as a store of value. Gold has run well, but it’s time to close the door. Looking at the history of currencies over time, 100 percent of them reached zero until 400 years ago. And the reality is, the dollar is a Ponzi scheme if you think about it. And that’s okay, because governments work that way.

It appears that people think that the United States will never pay back the debt we have. We will never repay $20 trillion plus debt.

It was said that gold is the only way you will preserve your buying power— the only thing that has really stood still over time. That’s how your value is stashed. All currencies deteriorate over time. And they all finally go to nil.

Even though many people say that Bitcoin will never replace gold as a store of value, we are still seeing an increase with investors. Bitcoin is not going to degrade and is going to flourish as a new way to keep the value of your assets.

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