Bitcoin Tapped 10-Day High Over Weekend

Bitcoin Tapped 10-Day High

Over the weekend, bitcoin tapped a 10-day high, marking its highest price for the period as Dogecoin soars. In the past 24 hours, BTC climbed continuously to reach a ten-day high just below $22,000. Over the same period, many altcoins retraced slightly, with Dogecoin up by over 9%. 

Bitcoin: From 18-Month Low to 10-Day High

After dropping to $17,500 last Sunday, reaching its 18-month low, BTC began to recover and quickly reached the $20,000 line. Following this, it dipped a few times over the next few days but hovered above it for significant periods. 

Bulls attempted to push the climb further. However, BTC halted around $21,500 in the middle of the week. Over the past 24 hours, though, bitcoin tapped a 10-day high. 

While the weekend was relatively calm, BTC began to climb, reaching $21,900 on Bitstamp. That point became the highest price the coin has seen since June 16. 

However, it was rejected and retraced by $1,000 over the course of a few hours. Currently, it has reclaimed some momentum and hovers above the $21,000 market. Market capitalization remained above $400 billion with the dominance over altcoins sitting at 42.5% 

Altcoin Jumps, Dips, and More

In a similar pattern, many altcoins saw calm over the weekend. However, the start of the week brings good news for some, such as Ethereum, which broke its 11-week negative streak. 

This happened after the coin recovered over $300 in the past week and climbed above $1,200. On the daily scale, many of the altcoins sit in the red, unfortunately. This includes Cardano, Polkadot, Solana, Ripple, and Shiba Inu. 

On the other side, TRON jumped about 6%, nearing $0.07. Still, Dogecoin stole the show from larger alts, soaring up by 9%. Now, DOGE sits at around $0.08. 

Overall, the cryptocurrency market capitalization remained calm on a day-to-day basis, sitting at a little over $950 billion.

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