Have you created a crypto watchlist? If so, What currencies are in it?

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The Cryptocurrency Market: Still A Cautious Investment

If you havent created a crypto watchlist yet, you should! Ever since Bitcoin, made it’s 2009 debut, there’s been tremendous interest in cryptocurrencies. Untethered by a central bank or any type of monetary authority and with enhanced privacy features, they offer tremendous potential for those who wish to control their money without fear of interference by an unstable governmental authority. That same freedom, however, has also made cryptocurrencies a volatile investment choice.

Why Have a Crypto Watchlist

With more and more well-established, reputable firms allowing purchases with digital assets–Microsoft, Overstock, Shopify, and, most recently eBay to name a few–the number of global cryptocurrencies only stand to grow. According to Currency.com there are now about 7,800 out there. And while Bitcoin continues to dominate the cryptocurrency market, a breakout token could be just around the corner.

What’s On Top Investors’ Radar?

ItsBlockchain, an India-based outlet for insights and investments in cryptocurrencies points to Ethereum, Chainlink, Vetchain, and Cosmos as four of the top ten digital currencies to watch in 2021. Should these be among your investment choices?

As crypto markets trade 24/7 and prices can change both suddenly and drastically, maintaining a personal crypto watchlist of your favorite tokens from sources that provide reliable, accurate, up-to-date pricing and precise user behavior data is your best defense in a still-volatile market.

So What’s In Your Wallet?

Not sure where to invest? Digital currencies are certainly gaining traction, but it’s still a relatively new market. Fortunately, when it comes to understanding the ups and downs of this still volatile market, you don’t have to go it alone. CoinMarketCap, CoinCodex, and CryptoCompare are among the best go-to sources for tracking your best bets. Such tracking firms keep a watchful eye on volume, prices, and supply of coins. And they provide keen analysis on the cryptomarket.

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