Institute Announces Australia’s First Fully Accredited Blockchain Courses

Blockchain Courses Australian Institute

     An Australian educational institute called the Blockchain Collective is rolling out the country’s first set of nationally accredited blockchain courses. Dubbed the “Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain,” the program includes 6 core classes and an additional 2 electives, and it further provides recipients of the diploma an honorary fellowship to the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA).

A blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that is distributed across many computers over the Internet. Blockchain technology is what powers Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. It also lies at the foundation of many other bleeding-edge computer applications. However, because the technology is so new and that there is such great demand for those who have the skills to exploit it, there exists a shortage of competent developers. This is a situation that the Blockchain Collective hopes to alter.

Blockchain Courses Approved

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), which is the government body that regulates vocational training in the country, has officially accredited the courses. This is the first time it has given approval to blockchain courses in the country. The courses, which will be provided through registered training bodies, include both online classwork and retreats, which will provide students with intensive training.

The courses will teach students how to do the following:

  • Establish a framework for creating a blockchain network
  • Develop a business model that utilizes a blockchain network
  • Create functional specifications of a blockchain network
  • Create smart contracts using a blockchain network
  • Manage and operate a blockchain network
  • Develop a framework for achieving interoperability within a blockchain network
  • Transition an organization to blockchain technology
  • Develop methods for the proper governance of a blockchain network
  • Create a strategy for recruiting those with competence in blockchain technology
  • Analyze the performance of a blockchain network

Blockchain Collective Educates The World

Nathan Burns, who is a co-founder of the Blockchain Collective, says that the institute will bring blockchain education to students both in Austria and throughout the world. What’s more, he believes that the courses are just the beginning of what they will offer. He thinks that the current state of blockchain technology is comparable to the web in the early 1990s, and that in 10-20 years the industry could advance significantly, especially with proper education.

Nick Giurietto, who is the CEO of the ADCA — which is bestowing the honorary fellowships to institute graduates — said that the courses will provide a strong background for people to become experts in blockchain technology. He also said that his organization is working closely with the Blockchain Collective to make sure that the curriculum aligns with industry needs.

Blockchain Technology Open To Public

Due to the high demand for skilled blockchain developers, the courses offered by the Blockchain Collective are not the only ones being offered. This past February, Australia’s RMIT University began offering the country’s first open-source course on blockchain technology, which is open to both university students and members of the public. Then, in November, University of Tokyo — which is one of the leading universities in Japan — announced that they will be offering a blockchain technology course through at least 2021.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which is one of the world’s top accounting and consulting firms, is also offering a course on blockchain technology. The two-year course, which will be offered only to its employees, is geared toward improving the company’s expertise in the technology.

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